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The Show!
The Second Season!
Characters and Creatures
Newest Episode!

Welcome to the official Victor and Valentino Wiki , a collaborative encyclopedia and community for all of the hot topics in the Cartoon Network show, Victor and Valentino!
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About the Show

This supernatural adventure comedy follows two half-brothers who spend a summer with their grandma in Monte Macabre, a small and mysterious town, where the myths and legends of Latin American folklore come to life.

Mischief, mayhem and Mesoamerican myths rule the day for Victor and Valentino. They are half-brothers from Monte Macabre, a small, mysterious town that they explore while simultaneously trying to appreciate each other's quirks and differences. While spending the summer with their Grandma Chata, the rambunctious Victor and the more cautious Valentino soon realize there's more than meets the eye in their new town. The mischievous pair hilariously discover other worldly beings, curious creatures from forgotten folklore, and places only described in myths.

Want to find out if the legend of the Chupacabra is real? Or explore a secret skatepark hidden in the jungle? Want to go on a trip to the underworld? Yeah you do! So come hang out with Victor and Valentino as these two brothers do all of this and much more in the supernatural town of Monte Macabre.

Meet the Characters
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Featured Crew Member

Diego Molano

Diego Molano is an American writer, animator, artist, producer, storyboard artist, and creator of the show. He is also a voice actor who voices Victor, Pineapple, and Reynaldo in the show.

Featured Cast Member

Sean-Ryan Petersen

Sean-Ryan Petersen is an American voice actor who voices Valentino on the show.

Featured Main Character

Grandma Chata

Chata is one of the main characters in the show. She is Victor and Valentino's grandmother who owns a house in the town of Monte Macabre. She is portrayed by Laura Patalano.

Featured Recurring Character


Charlene is a strange little girl in Monte Macabre who has an interest in the folklore and supernatural entities in the town. She is portrayed by Cristina Milizia.

Featured Episode

Lonely Haunts Club 3 - La Llorona (Title Card)

The Lonely Haunts Club 3: La Llorona is the 26th episode of the second season, and the 65th overall in Victor and Valentino. When Valentino sets out to get a little privacy in the woods, Victor is bent on pranking his unsuspecting brother - that is, until Valentino goes missing... Read more...

Featured Location


Monte Macabre is the main town that the show takes place in. It has a lot of supernatural occurrences and has a huge history behind it. Read more...

Featured Gallery

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The Season 1 Gallery is a gallery that includes images from Season 1 of the show, including promotional art and the volumes of Season 1. See more...

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Victor and Valentino Title Sequence Cartoon Network

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ved Victor and Valentino episodes
Episode 1
Folk Art Foes
Episode 2
Dead Ringer
Episode 3
Brotherly Love
Episode 4
Chata's Quinta Quinceañera
Folk Art Foes (Title Card) Dead Ringer (Title Card) Brotherly Love (Title Card) Chata's Quinta Quinceañera (Title Card)
Episode 5
Legend of the Hidden Skatepark
Episode 6
Cleaning Day
Episode 7
The Babysitter
Episode 8
Hurricane Chata
Legend of the Hidden Skatepark (Title Card) Cleaning Day (Title Card) The Babysitter (Title Card) Hurricane Chata (Title Card)
Episode 9
The Lonely Haunts Club
Episode 10
Episode 11
The Dark Room
Episode 12
The Collector
The Lonely Haunts Club (Title Card) Suerte (Title Card) The Dark Room (Title Card) The Collector (Title Card)
Episode 13
The Boy Who Cried Lechuza
Episode 14
Boss For a Day
Episode 15
Cuddle Monster
Episode 16
Los Cadejos
The Boy Who Cried Lechuza (Title Card) Boss For a Day (Title Card) Cuddle Monster (Title Card) Los Cadejos (Title Card)
Episode 17
It Grows
Episode 18
Welcome to the Underworld, Part 1
Episode 19
Welcome to the Underworld, Part 2
Episode 20
A New Don
It Grows (Title Card) Welcome to the Underworld, Part 1 (Title Card) Welcome to the Underworld, Part 2 (Title Card) A New Don (Title Card)
Episode 21
Churro Kings
Episode 22
Know It All
Episode 23
Fistfull of Balloons
Episode 24
Love at First Bite
Churro Kings (Title Card) Know It All (Title Card) Fistfull of Balloons (Title Card) Love at First Bite (Title Card)
Episode 25
Go With the Flow
Episode 26
Episode 27
Guillermo's Gathering
Episode 28
Balloon Boys
Go With The Flow (Title Card) Aluxes (Title Card) Guillermos Gathering (Title Card) Balloon Boys (Title Card)
Episode 29
The Great Bongo Heist
Episode 30
Escape from Bebe Bay
Episode 31
Band for Life
Episode 32
Tez Sez
The Great Bongo Heist (Title Card) Escape from Bebe Bay (Title Card) Band for Life (Title Card) Tez Sez (Title Card)
Episode 33
Forever Ever
Episode 34
Dance Reynaldo Dance
Episode 35
Tree Buds
Episode 36
Lonely Haunts Club 2: Doll Island
Forever Ever (Title Card) Dance Reynaldo Dance (Title Card) Tree Buds (Title Card) Lonely Haunts Club 2 - Doll Island (Title Card)
Episode 37
Episode 38
El Silbon
Episode 39
On Nagual Hill
Episode 40
The Guest
Catpocalypse (Title Card) El Silbón (Title Card) On Nagual Hill (Title Card) The Guest (Title Card)
Episode 41
Episode 42
La Cucarachita
Episode 43
Lords of Ghost Town
Episode 44
My Fair Achi
Ener-G-Shoes (Title Card) La Cucarachita (Title Card) Lords of Ghost Town (Title Card) My Fair Achi (Title Card)
Episode 45
Episode 46
I...... am Vampier
Episode 47
Victor the Predictor
Episode 48
Kindred Spirits
Oddities (Title Card) I..... Victor the Predictor (Title Card) Kindred Spirits (Title Card)
Episode 49
Decoding Valentino
Episode 50-51
Journey to Maize Mountain
Episode 52
Episode 53
Los Perdidos
Decoding Valentino (Title Card) Journey to Maize Mountain (Title Card) Escaramuza (Title Card) Los Perdidos (Title Card)
Episode 54
Los Pajaros
Episode 55
Get Your Sea Legs
Episode 56
Guillermo's Girlfriend
Episode 57
Starry Night
Los Pajaros (Title Card) Get Your Sea Legs (Title Card) Guillermo's Girlfriend (Title Card) Starry Night (Title Card)

Episode 58
Fueygo Fest
Episode 59
Folk Art Friends
Episode 60
The Cupcake Man
Episode 61
Villainy In Monte Macabre
Fueygo Fest (Title Card) Folk Art Friends (Title Card) The Cupcake Man (Title Card) Villainy in Monte Macabre (Title Card)
Episode 62
Charlene Mania
Episode 63
Old Man Teo
Episode 64
Poacher Patrol
Episode 65
The Lonely Haunts Club 3: La Llorona
Charlene Mania (Title Card) Old Man Teo (Title Card) Poacher Patrol (Title Card) Lonely Haunts Club 3 - La Llorona (Title Card)
Episode 66
In Your Own Skin
Episode 67
Episode 68
Episode 69
In Your Own Skin (Title Card) Ghosted (Title Card) Carmelita (Title Card) Unknown