Victor and Valentino (pilot) Gallery Transcript

Victor and Valentino is an 8 1/2 minute pilot episode that was released online on the Cartoon Network on October 29, 2016 and on its YouTube channel on November 1, 2016.


Victor and Valentino must learn to work together to survive an underworld labyrinth.




Voice Cast


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  • This premiered two days before the Hispanic holiday, Day of the Dead, which relates to the series and pilot in a big way, and even makes a reference in the episode.
    • The episode did however premiere on YouTube on the local Day of the Dead.
  • Valentino and Chata both have different voice actors then they do in the series.
  • Monte Macabre looks much different than it does in the series, including more hills, and some buildings being changed (like Chata's house, where it or the surrounding buildings are different than in the series).
  • When Victor said "Infinity Tacos", he might have been referencing the pilot for Infinity Train which premiered two days afterward, and on Day of the Dead.
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