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Victor Guadalupe Morena Laguna Calaca Calavera (often simply referred to as Victor or Vic) is one of the titular characters on Victor and Valentino.


He appears shorter and thinner than Valentino, he has apricot skin, jet black hair, a gap in the middle of his front teeth.

He wears a short turquoise blue poncho around his neck whilst wearing a white shirt, a light brown shorts and black shoes.


Victor is easily bored, making him prone to look for trouble at times and cause conflict that he and his brother Valentino, have to solve. He is mischievous, can be rather hasty and uncoordinated, and would rather look cool then follow the rules. He is also excitable, competitive, and enjoys playing games, particularly soccer (as shown in Dead Ringer). However, he is really bad at spelling, prefers being dirty, and is easily duped into committing certain acts.

Nevertheless, the thing he cares the most about is his half-brother Valentino, as shown in many episodes.


  • Victor is bad at spelling and pronouncing words, as shown in several episodes.
  • He prefers farting and playing video games.
  • He is similar to Rigby from Regular Show:
    • Both tend to create trouble.
    • Both are short.
    • Both are impatient.
    • Both have cheated in a game.
    • Both had bad consequences for cheating in a game.
    • Both admitted that they cheated at a desperate time.
    • Both have a brother that they sometimes don't get along with.
  • In Welcome to the Underworld, he was teased and given the nickname El Camarón (Spanish for shrimp).


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