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Valentino (often nicknamed Val) is one of the main titular character of Victor and Valentino. He is Victor's half brother.


He's about taller than Victor, albeit chubby, has apricot skin, and a messy dark brown hair, and wears a red-orange shirt, light tan shorts, and dark brown shoes.


Valentino's signature personality include prioritizes art and quality on whatever he does. On top of that, he has a habit of collecting items, and is restless until his collection of a certain item, such as vintage coins or keyboards, is complete. As shown in The Dark Room, he has a passion for photography. However, he isn't good at sports, particularly soccer, leaving him vulnerable to being belittled by Victor.

Nevertheless, throughout the series, he shows a more mature personality compared to Victor. He often shows responsibility in taking care of him, especially in the midst of their mischief adventures. When they're not in their adventures, he is usually in charge of Chata's food cart.


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