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Pineapple is a recurring character on Victor and Valentino. He is Charlene's right-hand man and older brother who is a rival of Victor and Valentino. He debuts in the episode "Dead Ringer".


He is a large, bulky kid with a tuft of black spiked hair and a plump head resembling a pineapple, hence his name.

He also wears an olive-green sleeveless shirt with navy blue shorts and sandals and he wears black wristbands on his wrists.


Pineapple is mostly deadpan and only responds in monosyllabic grunts and words. It is shown that Pineapple hates Victor and Valentino and often assists Charlene in bullying the duo. He is shown to enjoy dancing, as he is seen attending a dance camp in "Dead Ringer", though his dancing skills seem to be quite limited, if not nonexistent.


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