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Victor and Valentino
series overview
Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
Pilot October 29, 2016
1 TBA March 30, 2019 2020
2 TBA 2020 TBA


Title Directed by Written and storyboarded by Original air date Prod. code U.S. viewers
"Victor and Valentino" Nick Cross (art)
Robert Alvarez and Randy Myers (animation)
Diego Molano October 29, 2016 TBA N/A
During the summer, Victor and Valentino escape their boredom by following a strange dog into the underworld. While there, they have to solve a complicated maze, but the half–brothers cannot seem to work together. This is made even more complicated when they end up facing the Bone Boys Mic and Hun.

Season 1

Series No. Title Air date Prod. Code Viewers (by millions)
1 1 "Folk Art Foes" March 4, 2019 (CN App/Online)
March 30, 2019 (TV)
101 0.66
When Victor accidentally unleashes the lord of mischief from an ancient relic, Victor and Valentino have to work together to trap it back inside.
2 2 "Dead Ringer" March 15, 2019 (CN App/Online)
March 30, 2019 (TV)
102 0.66
When Victor doesn’t pick Valentino for his soccer team, Valentino vows to win with his own squad; when Valentino's team doesn’t match up, he resorts to supernatural means to win.
3 3 "Brotherly Love" March 30, 2019 103 0.65
After breaking Chata’s plant, Victor and Valentino must accomplish the seemingly easy task of replacing it; this proves difficult when their squabbling puts Monte Macabre in jeopardy.
4 4 "Chata's Quinta Quinceañera" March 30, 2019 104 0.65
Victor and Valentino want to go to a friend’s pool party on the same day as their grandma’s quinceañera, so they use a magical flute that allows them to teleport and attend both functions at the same time.
5 5 "Legend of the Hidden Skatepark" March 29, 2019 (CN App/Online)
April 6, 2019 (TV)
105 0.45
While searching for a hidden skate park, Victor and Valentino happen upon a tribe of wild kids, who live in a society without rules or adults.
6 6 "Cleaning Day" March 29, 2019 (CN App/Online)
April 6, 2019 (TV)
106 0.45
Victor & Valentino gain a newfound respect for cleanliness after Chata’s house traps them inside its labyrinth of ancient, magical walls.
7 7 "The Babysitter" March 29, 2019 (CN App/Online)
April 13, 2019 (TV)
107 0.60
Victor & Valentino want to sneak out to a secret fireworks show but are thwarted when their new babysitter, Xochi, outsmarts them at every turn.
8 8 "Hurricane Chata" March 29, 2019 (CN App/Online)
April 13, 2019 (TV)
108 0.60
When Victor & Valentino discover that Chata’s emotions control the water in the lake, they use it to their advantage and start their own wave pool business.
9 9 "The Lonely Haunts Club" March 29, 2019 (CN App/Online)
April 20, 2019 (TV)
109 0.62
Instead of celebrating Valentine’s Day, Victor & Valentino take on a dare to explore a haunted mansion with their rivals, Charlene & Pineapple.
10 10 "Suerte" March 29, 2019 (CN App/Online)
April 20, 2019 (TV)
110 0.62
When Victor cheats on an enchanted board game, the malevolent characters come to life, and it’s up to Victor & Valentino to figure out how to put them back in the game.
11 11 "The Dark Room" April 26, 2019 (CN App/Online)
April 27, 2019 (TV)
111 0.43
After getting rejected by a photography club, Valentino tries to get a picture of the legendary Chupacabra in order to prove himself.
12 12 "The Collector" April 26, 2019 (CN App/Online)
May 4, 2019 (TV)
112 0.48
When Victor accidentally loses one of Valentino's prized coins, Valentino makes a deal with a mysterious antiques collector to replace it, but the deal has terrible consequences.
13 13 "The Boy Who Cried Lechuza" April 26, 2019 (CN App/Online)
May 11, 2019 (TV)
113 0.43
After faking an injury to get out of work, Victor tries to gain sympathy from everyone and unknowingly attracts attention from a dangerous mythical creature, the Lechuza!
14 14 "Boss For a Day" April 26, 2019 (CN App/Online)
May 18, 2019 (TV)
114 0.45
When Chata lets Victor be the boss of the taco stand for the day Victor decides to fire Valentino, which has disastrous consequences.
15 15 "Cuddle Monster" May 17, 2019 (CN App/Online)
May 25, 2019 (TV)
115 0.53
After being told by Chata that they can't get a pet, Victor & Valentino adopt a wild lizard, unaware of its magical properties, and decide to keep it secret from Chata.
16 16 "Los Cadejos" May 17, 2019 (CN App/Online)
June 1, 2019 (TV)
116 0.48
Valentino holds a grudge against Victor, unwittingly attracting an evil cadejo, a mythological wolf-like beast.
17 17 "It Grows" May 17, 2019 (CN App/Online)
June 8, 2019 (TV)
117 0.39
As everyone celebrates Valentino for growing his first facial hair, a jealous Victor resorts to magical methods to grow a mustache and compete for attention.




"Welcome to the Underworld" May 17, 2019 (CN App/Online)
June 22, 2019 (TV)


After Victor loses a wrestling match, Victor & Valentino journey to the underworld to seek advice from their uncle, a famous wrestler named El Toro.
20 20 "A New Don"

June 14, 2019 (CN App/Online)
June 29, 2019 (TV)

120 0.40
When Victor and Valentino discover that Don isn't really himself - it's up to them to use his kooky codex of conspiracies to save him.
21 21 "Churro Kings"

June 14, 2019 (CN App/Online)
July 6, 2019 (TV)

121 0.28
When Victor & Valentino start making good money from selling churros at the taco stand, their lust for stuff makes them do dirty tricks to take out their competition.
22 22 "Know It All"

June 14, 2019 (CN App/Online)
July 13, 2019 (TV)

122 0.30
When Victor accidently unleashes evil bats from a cave, it's up to the boys and Don to protect the town, but Victor's know-it-all attitude keeps getting in the way.
23 23 "Fistfull of Balloons"

June 14, 2019 (CN App/Online)
July 20, 2019 (TV)

123 0.35
When Victor gets double-crossed during a water balloon fight, he goes on a revenge mission to find out who was responsible.
24 24 "Love at First Bite"

July 12, 2019 (CN App/Online)
July 27, 2019 (TV)

124 0.40
Valentino crushes on a girl named Matty, who Victor is suspicious of but Valentino ignores his warnings. When Valentino goes to dinner at her house she turns into a Matlazihua and he discovers he's what's for dinner!
25 25 "Go With the Flow" July 12, 2019 (CN App/Online)

August 3, 2019 (TV)

125 0.29
When Sal stays with Victor & Valentino, the boys are annoyed by him as their roommate but eventually they learn how cool and magical he is
26 26 "Aluxes" July 12, 2019 (CN App/Online)

August 10, 2019 (TV)

126 0.36
When Victor finds an ancient relic that summons a gang of mischievous creatures, he uses them to do his bidding, which has disastrous consequences.
27 27 "Guillermo's Gathering" July 12, 2019 (CN App/Online)

August 17, 2019 (TV)

127 0.40
When Victor & Valentino are forced to go to Guillermo's boring birthday party, they devise a scheme to leave early, but end up discovering that the party is way cooler than they thought.
28 28 "Balloon Boys" August 24, 2019 128 0.47
Victor and Valentino go on a hot air balloon trip with Sal and compete to be his favorite, but things go awry when they try to use the magical Nazca Lines to their advantage.
29 29 "The Great Bongo Heist" September 27, 2019 (CN App/Online)

October 5, 2019 (TV)

129 0.49
The boys forget to get Chata a gift for Abuela Day and in a panicked move, they pretend that the bongo drums they borrowed from Xochi are for her.
30 30 "Escape from Bebe Bay" September 27, 2019 (CN App/Online)

October 5, 2019 (TV)

130 0.49
When Vic & Val accidentally turn themselves and Don into babies, they must escape a daycare center in order to change back to their normal ages.
31 31 "Band for Life" September 27, 2019 (CN App/Online)

October 5, 2019 (TV)

131 0.45
When Vic and Val tag along with Xochi to a punk concert, they want to prove that they’re cool enough to hang out with her. But in a desperate attempt to be cool, they wind up destroying the concert.
32 32 "Tez Sez" September 27, 2019 (CN App/Online)

October 5, 2019 (TV)

132 0.45
Vic & Val are in awe of the new magician in town, but things go awry when they agree to help him out with a new trick – despite Chata’s wishes.
33 33 "Forever Ever" October 11, 2019 (CN App/Online)
October 12, 2019 (TV)
133 0.42
When Vic and Val do a sloppy job cleaning up in Maria Theresa’s attic, they accidentally set off a time loop, trapping them in an endless series of chores forever! They must figure out how to stop the loop and return time back to normal.
34 34 "Dance Reynaldo Dance" October 11, 2019 (CN App/Online)
October 12, 2019 (TV)
134 0.42
Vic is desperate to win the cash prize for the dance contest in Monte Macabre and is frustrated that his partner Val won’t let him call all the shots. Instead he chooses a different partner: Reynaldo. But Vic pushes Reynaldo too hard to execute his artistic vision. Eventually, he learns that in order to be a success, you have to be equal partners.
35 35 "Tree Buds" October 11, 2019 (CN App/Online)
October 19, 2019 (TV)
135 0.59
Vic and Val build a treehouse and Val dismisses Vic with a frivolous task so he can build the treehouse exactly how he wants. But when Vic returns unknowingly with a branch from El Arbol Vampiro, Val’s perfect treehouse turns into a nightmare!
36 36 "Lonely Haunts Club 2: Doll Island" October 25, 2019 (CN App/Online)
October 26, 2019 (TV)
136 0.50
In order to prove their bravery, Vic & Val head to a haunted island to retrieve a special doll, but Charlene and Pineapple are intent on getting it first.
37 37 "Catpocalypse" October 25, 2019 (CN App/Online)
October 26, 2019 (TV)
137 0.50
When Vic gets sick and is stuck in his room, he spies on Pineapple and becomes convinced that Pineapple is creating an army of zombie cats. Val agrees and the two become obsessed with stopping Pineapple before it’s too late!
38 38 "El Silbón" October 25, 2019 (CN App/Online)
October 26, 2019 (TV)
138 0.48
Victor sets up a haunted corn maze, but the town kids think it’s lame. Vic decides to make the maze scarier by enlisting the help of El Silbon (The Whistler) to really scare the kids, but El Silbon has plans of his own.
39 39 "On Nagual Hill" October 25, 2019 (CN App/Online)
October 26, 2019 (TV)
139 0.48
Vic & Val take over a forest hill and build an epic waterslide, disturbing the plants and animals that normally inhabit it. But when a Nagual (a human with the power to transform into animals) transforms Vic into a chicken and Val into a donkey, they learn to sympathize with the animals and understand the world a bit more.
40 40 "The Guest" April 10, 2020 (CN App/Online)
April 18, 2020 (TV)
140 0.38
Victor and Valentino blame each other for eating all the food in the kitchen and making a huge mess. However, they soon discover that a ghost is actually to blame. They enlist the help of Achi to unlock the world of spirits among them and kick the ghost out of their house!
41 41 "Ener-G-Shoes" December 27, 2019 (CN App/Online)
April 18, 2020 (TV)
141 0.33
When Vic uses trickery to buy a pair of super cool sneakers from Maria Teresa's yard sale, the shoes try to walk him to his demise as punishment.
42 42 "La Cucarachita" April 25, 2020 142 0.31
When Victor's beloved pet cockroach dies, Victor turns to Charlene's dark magic to bring her back to life.
43 43 "Lords of Ghost Town" April 10, 2020 (CN App/Online)
April 25, 2020 (TV)
143 0.32
When Victor and Valentino recruit a ghost to scare away a bully, they end up messing with the realm of the dead, which has disastrous consequences.
44 44 "My Fair Achi" April 10, 2020 (CN App/Online)
May 2, 2020 (TV)
144 0.32
Victor & Valentino enter Achi in a dog show competition to win a golden trophy, but their overbearing ways drive Achi to the edge.
45 45 "Oddities" May 2, 2020 145 0.30
When a mysterious carnival barker fuses Victor and Valentino together, they must find a way to come unstuck.
46 46 "I...... am Vampier" May 1, 2020 (CN App/Online)
May 9, 2020
146 0.34
When Victor enters the Monte Macabre film festival, he gets insecure about his artistic vision and decides to copy the work of others, but ultimately learns that staying true to yourself is what's most important.
47 47 "Victor the Predictor" May 1, 2020 (CN App/Online)
May 9, 2020
147 0.36
When Victor becomes convinced he has a special talent as a psychic, he decides to use his new mental abilities to counsel those around him - until one piece of advice goes too far.
48 48 "Kindred Spirits" May 1, 2020 (CN App/Online)
May 16, 2020
148 0.29
When Valentino becomes friends with the ghost of a silent film star, their friendship turns out to have dire consequences.
49 49 "Decoding Valentino" May 1, 2020 (CN App/Online)
May 16, 2020
149 0.25
When Valentino goes on an adventure with Isabella to decode an ancient language, he has to come to terms with the fact that Isabella is smarter in order to save himself.
50-51 50-51 "Journey to Maize Mountain" May 23, 2020 150-151 TBD
When Victor and Valentino destroy Monte Macabre's corn supply, they journey to Maiz Mountain with Sal to replace it. But in order to get the corn, they must shrink down to the size of ants and embark on a mythical adventure that they'll never forget!

Season 2


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