Julio "Don" Jalapeño is a recurring character in Victor and Valentino. He is the gruff propietor of Don Jalapeño's Bodega who is often shown to be irritated by Victor and Valentino's actions. He is also a believer in the presence of supernatural beings and occurrences in Monte Macabre, and has even compiled a scrapbook containing drawings and articles pertaining to several such entities.


Don is a tall, portly man with a white dressed shirt and red vest with a blue tie. He also wears grey jeans and shoes with a yellow sombrero and a nametag that is on his vest. He also has a fanny pack with him on occasion.

He has black hair with some bald spots, black thick eyebrows, and black mustache.


Don is usually a serious and aggressive person who is suspicious of Victor and Valentino, and often reprimands them if their actions cause any mischief in the town. He is also an avid believer in the supernatural and mythological creatures residing in the Monte Macabre and would inform the duo about their existence. He seems to have a crush on the duo's grandmother and will do anything for her, as shown in "Brotherly Love", where he asked his daughter to help the boys find a plant for Chata after the boys destroyed her original one.



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