Charlene is a recurring character in Victor and Valentino. She is a strange little girl who has an interest in the macabre and supernatural entities in the Monte Macabre, Mexico. She is partners with her brother Pineapple to take down her frenemies, Victor and Valentino.


She is a little girl with long black hair with bangs, buck teeth similar to Victor's, three triangle-shaped eyelashes, and has a dark eye shadow.

She usually wears gothic attire consisting of a black dress with a white bow and black Mary Jane shoes revealing white socks.


Charlene is usually mischievous and mysterious, despite being a tomboy. Her behavior often creeps out Victor and Valentino and she would also be very arrogant around the duo to the point of taunting them. Despite her condescending and creepy behavior towards the duo, she is shown to have a slight crush on Victor as shown in the episode, Dead Ringer.

Even though she has a gothic appearence, she doesn't act gothic and is known to have a pink bedroom as shown in Dead Ringer.


  • Charlene has a lisp.
  • She was named La Loca (meaning "the crazy woman") in Fistfull of Balloons.
  • Charlene and Victor live right across from each other.



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