• Henry Danger Fan


    February 4, 2020 by Henry Danger Fan

    Hello everyone of the Victor and Valentino Wiki.

    The leaderboard is now running and you can now earn badges when editing. Just remember to not edit just for the badges or you may be blocked if the edit isn't appropriate.

    If you have any badge ideas, comment them in this post. Thanks.

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  • Henry Danger Fan


    August 19, 2019 by Henry Danger Fan

    Montse Hernandez as Fernando's beyonce

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  • Henry Danger Fan

    What do you want to see in Victor and Valentino? Post your episode ideas in the comments below to be featured on the post!

    • "Water Gun War" - The kids of Monte Macabre are having a water gun battle, but when Victor runs out of water and fills up his gun with toxic water, a water creature is formed, leaving the town in chaos.
    • "Chata's Basement" - After Victor and Valentino are trapped in Chata's magical basement, they decide to see what is in it.
    • "The Last Kids In Town" - When Victor and Valentino find out that they are the only kids left in town, Val is going off seing where everyone is and Vic is taking advantage of the town.
    • "Rumor Has It" - When a rumor spreads that a goat man is roaming in the woods near Monte Macabre, Victor and Valentino …
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